Rutte after EU summit: No energy boycott Russia at the moment, ‘US has an understanding’

Rutte after EU summit: No energy boycott Russia at the moment, 'US has an understanding'

Biden, who attended the EU summit in Brussels, wants to help the EU find alternatives more quickly. The United States itself has launched an oil boycott against Russia. Before his visit to Brussels, Biden also urged the European Union to get rid of Russian fossil fuels.

Rutte then said that Biden “understands very well” that this still takes a lot of time. “What we believe is that China should speak out – with the entire civilized world – against this Russian invasion. It will help tremendously as the second largest economy in the world, with a relationship with Russia, if they speak out against Russian aggression.”

Other potential additional sanctions, such as closing European ports to Russian ships, were not imminent last night. The leaders agreed that the EU would focus on making the sanctions that had already been imposed even better. Europe and the United States will work together to cut the shortcuts and fill in the gaps.

More liquid gas

Meanwhile, the EU can count on more LNG from the US, Biden promised. “And that’s a lot,” says Ruti. Canada has also promised to supply Europe with more LNG, but that will take a little longer.

Unity was the key word in the top marathon race, according to Rutte. Some EU countries are so dependent on Russian energy that “national security is at stake” without it. Countries like Germany, Italy and Hungary cannot get rid of it yet, according to the prime minister.

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