“Russians in Kherson City Council” • Fear of failure of heating part of Kyiv

"Russians in Kherson City Council" • Fear of failure of heating part of Kyiv

She didn’t bring a bag, just a toiletry bag and her two cats. Olina, 37, decided to leave Kyiv yesterday morning and arrived in Przemysl tonight, as she told NOS editor Christian Bowie in Poland:

“I woke up all night again. My gut told me to leave with my cats. A lot of people have stayed, I don’t understand. Some have a son or husbands in the military and they want to stay with them, but it’s very dangerous. When I shut my door I knew I might not come back Start “.

“I paid a crazy amount of money for a taxi to take me to the station. I usually walk in a few minutes, but it was hard with the two cats in their suitcase. At the station it was not clear when the train would come. When one of them arrived on another platform, I ran The couple had to help me get to the cats on time.”

“I was very relieved when it turned out that the train was going to Lviv. The wagons were full of women and children. There was no place to sit. No one could go to the toilet, the children were crying, and it took 12 hours to get to Lviv. I hated cats too. Sitting in a suitcase for a long time. Then we had to catch another train to Przemysl. It usually takes a few hours, and now we’ve been on a full twelve-hour train. He rode, but he saved me. Friends from Krakow are coming to pick me up now. “

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