Russell answered the question whether Verstappen would win a Mercedes

Russell answered the question whether Verstappen would win a Mercedes

The 2020 Formula 1 season has just ended. Due to the Coronavirus, the season started and ended late, but if everything goes as planned now, the 2021 season will start on March 21 in Melbourne, Australia.

Everything indicates that 2021 will be an interesting season: Sergio Perez will be the new teammate of Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz will go to Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo will go to McLaren and twice world champion Fernando Alonso will return at Renault.

Jan Lamers and Christian Albers remember last season in their column The Telegraph.

Highlights of the 2020 Formula 1 season

What is the highlight of the season? Albers can’t pick a single moment and remember the entire season. First of all, it’s good that despite everything we just saw seventeen races. I also thought it was a very good year, with many surprises. Gasley and Perez victories, as well as Hamilton’s victory at Silverstone with a flat tire. The fact that Max is still The wins in Abu Dhabi were the icing on the cake. Although I have to honestly say I don’t think Mercedes went out with everything at the time. ”

Lammers have no apparent preference. “Then I’ll go to George Russell. Especially because he gave an answer to some of the most common questions:“ Is this a really good Mercedes? ”Lots of people also wonder if Max Verstappen would easily win this car. Well, Russell gave the answer during the Mercedes raid once in the two seas “.

“Even though he was ultimately unlucky in that race, he showed just how important the equipment is. To get a true picture you have to put Max in that Mercedes and at the same time Lewis Hamilton in Red Bull. Is there anyone who still doubts who?” Will he win? “

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