41-year-old man was stabbed to death on Christmas Day – Suriname Herald

41-year-old man was stabbed to death on Christmas Day - Suriname Herald

Chitanginish, 41, died in a stabbing accident at Gelepesi and Andijviestraat intersection on Friday evening, December 25. A preliminary investigation revealed that the 40-year-old suspect had an affair with a local woman. Perhaps this was not well received by the Chitanginish victim.

Police officers from Munder Police Station and the Capital Violations Administration came to the site for investigation after the command center reported. Upon his arrival, Xitangensch’s body, which showed no signs of life, was found immediately. Contact a doctor in the event of death.

The RE passed past the victim’s home shortly before the event. On that occasion, the Chitanginish scolded the passing neighbor, causing RE to pelade the victim’s house with stones. Chitanginish took to the streets and a quarrel between men ensued.

RE carrying a sharp object pulled him out and some stabs the Chitanginish’s body. Another local resident pulled the sharp object stuck in the victim’s body.

After the act, the suspect’s RE left the site and reported to the police soon after and she was arrested. According to the suspect, the victim had been molested. The police confiscated the sharps.

Chitanginish’s dead body was confiscated after consulting with the Public Prosecution Service, while the suspect RE was arrested pending investigation. The Major Violations Department is responsible for the investigation.

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