rusk with mice for a baby elephant from the knee

rusk with mice for a baby elephant from the knee

SWITZERLAND – At the Knies Children’s Zoo in Rapperswil, another elephant was born last Saturday morning at 3:51 am. He stood after 15 minutes for the first time and at 10:00 had a drink. The elephant already weighs 141.5 kg. In the video below you can see how the elephant was born.

Heute Dienstag, 10.5.2022, sind Franco Knie and Franco Knie Jun. zu guest bei Oliver Steffen im “Talk täglich” ua auf Tele Züri! Zusätzlich starts the +41 reporting series!

Written by Knies Kinderzoo Rapperswil on Tuesday 10 May 2022

Knie’s Kinderzoo was opened on June 10, 1962 by brothers Freddy and Rolf Kinny Senior, who are the fifth generation of the Knie’s Circus family. A year later the first elephant, an Asian elephant, was born, and since then many elephants have been born. In 2000, a renovated elephant barn with a bathtub, waterfall, mud walls, scratching poles, and riding stable was opened to visitors. In the same year, the zoo launched its website.

Kids can’t get as close to the animals at any other zoo as they are at Rapperswil’s Kinderzoo. Many types of animals can be touched, petted, or fed, and some animals can get stuck. This makes the Children’s Zoo an ideal destination for family outings, grandparents with grandchildren, or schools. Here you can pet and feed elephants, rhinos, zebras and many other animals with your kids. Several times a day and in any weather, sea lions perform and display their captivating artwork. Moreover, you can ride a camel and photograph yourself with sea lions who were not busy performing their show at the time.

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Knee’s Kinderzoo in Rapperswil is home to nearly 300 animals and 58 species. Among these animal species, two are seriously threatened in their survival: the Asian elephant and the Rothschilds giraffe. In 2015, a new Himmapan elephant park and restaurant opened – a pension right on the lake in the children’s zoo, a gorgeous and spacious complex.
If you are ever in Switzerland, on your way to Italy for example, visit this beautiful zoo.

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