Rumors that the next iPad mini will have an A15 chip? It might be a replacement for laptops | Gizmodo Japan

Rumors that the next iPad mini will have an A15 chip? It might be a replacement for laptops |  Gizmodo Japan

Expectations are rising dramatically.

According to the original 9to5Mac report, the iPad mini, which is said to be announced in the fall,A 15It looks like a bracket will be installed. The A15 chip is the next model of the original Apple chip, and it is said that it will be installed in the iPhone 13 (temporary). Moreover, if you look at the rumors that the next iPad mini will support USB-C, use the magnet Smart Connentor, etc.Very promising updateIt seems. Perhaps the smallest iPad could replace a laptop.

According to an anonymous source for 9to5Mac, the A15 chip is the same 5nm processor as the A14. Currently, the latest is the fifth generation iPad mini announced in 2019. The fifth generation of the CPU is the A12 chip, which was also installed in the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR announced in 2018, and the eighth generation From the iPad announced in 2020, and the third generation iPad Air announced in 2019.

Apple’s A-series chips have been the A12X, A12Z, A13, and A14 since their debut in 2018, and probably (likely) the next is the A15. Similarly, according to 9to5Mac, there is talk of upgrading the A12 chip installed in the entry-level iPad to the A13 chip, so this isn’t a huge paradigm change. On the other hand, if the iPad mini came with the A15, the iPad mini would probably be an important update.

Support for the USB-C port and the Smart Connector is also similar to Apple’s iPad mini. Having a smart link means you also have a keyboard. Earlier this year, Bloomberg also reported that the iPad mini was a major update this year with a home button and slim bezel. Everyone loves Minchey Kuo, who expects the iPad mini to go from a 7.9-inch screen to an 8.5- to 9-inch screen.

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A slightly larger screen for the Mini, a wide range of accessories, and the latest processor. In addition, iPadOS 15 greatly improves the usability of the iPad itself. At this time, the new model for the first time in two years, it seems that Apple is putting a lot of effort into the miniature device.

Perhaps the highlight of this fall is the iPad mini, not the iPhone.

Source: 9to5Mac

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