Rower Ymkje Clevering: “Gold in games is the starting point”

Rower Ymkje Clevering: "Gold in games is the starting point"

“In the boat, next to Clevering (from Haulerwijk), were Sophie Sawyer, Caroline Florin and Veronique Meester. Earlier, they won the European title for the third time in a row. A big goal this year, the Tokyo Olympics.”

How important is this in preparing for games?

“It is good that we are achieving these results in our preparation for Tokyo, which means that we are on the right track. I also think we are doing well, but honestly, the candidates did not participate like Ireland today. The difference in the end is as big as today, it feels good.”

What does preparing for Tokyo look like?

“We are now in Switzerland. We are still on our way to Italy, so we hope to celebrate this victory over there with pizza and beer, haha. Then in Italy there is a World Cup in Rome where we will compete. Then we will go for two weeks. To the Netherlands, then go to training camp in Italy for another two weeks.

How does it happen in the games and is there a gold medal in it?

“We believe in the medal. This is our starting point. We train for it and then it depends on what the competition looks like at that moment. Australia won us the World Cup in 2019 and Ireland is very strong at the moment. You really don’t know how great they are at that moment.” America. You should always pay attention to that. “

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