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Router, Drucker & Co.: Stromsparen während der Energiekrise: Diese Geräte sollten dennoch nicht vom Strom getrennt werden

WiFi routers and modems

With the rise in electricity prices, more and more people are interested in where to save on unnecessary electricity consumption and the additional costs associated with it. Some devices are worth unplugging when not in use because they use more power in standby mode than they should. However, it should be noted that not all devices should be disconnected from the network, as t3n explains. For example, WLAN routers and modems should not be completely disconnected from the power supply, as this means that many things such as a home phone, smartphones and tablets can no longer be used without restrictions. Additionally, if these devices turn on and off frequently, providers may assume that there is a router error due to a lack of feedback. However, if you are not home for a long time, such as on vacation, you can and should turn off the router to save electricity, explains.

Computers and Laptops

According to t3n, it is also a good idea to disconnect PCs and laptops from power outlets that can be turned off. This can have two negative effects on the hardware: On the one hand, the BIOS battery as a power reserve ensures that basic settings, such as the boot sequence and built-in hardware, are always preserved. If the computer only runs a few hours a week when using it, the battery will have to be replaced in the long run. While this is still relatively easy for experienced users to do themselves a computer tower, going to a workshop or dealer is essential for ultrabooks at the latest. As t3n mentioned, another reason why Windows 11 users should not unplug the notebook from the power source is battery management, which ensures that the notebook battery is always maintained.

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OLED TVs should also not be unplugged. These regenerate individual self-lighting pixels with each start, so t3n. If you now regularly unplug it from the power supply, it may degrade image quality in the long run. In addition, many TVs download updates during the night when they are on standby.

Multifunctional printers and devices

According to t3n, you should also refrain from regularly disconnecting printers and multifunction devices such as printer, scanner and fax sets. The reason for this is the self-cleaning and self-test, which are performed with each new start and lead to unnecessary consumption of ink or toner.

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