Rotterdam beat KZ to the quarter-finals

Rotterdam beat KZ to the quarter-finals

The Rotterdam women are turning out to be giant killers in the Gold Cup this season. After the promotion division wiped out HGC in the previous round, Team Rotterdam were once again too strong for a major division in the eighth finals. On Thursday evening, Klein Zwitterland was defeated after a penalty shootout. After the regulation time, the score was 1-1.

The other promotion divisions Tilburg and Were Di and the transitional divisions Breda and Rood-Wit couldn’t do a stunt.

Winner of the Keil match with Orange-Red

Tilburg lost at home to Orange Road. Sian Keel scored the only goal to win the last edition of the Gold Cup in 2019.

Tilburg’s other club, Weir Dee, didn’t stand a chance against national champion Den Bosch. Thanks to three goals from Joosje Burg, the leaders won the Eredivisie by a score of 9-0. This was Borg’s first trilogy in the service of the Bossche Formation. Breda lost 0-3 to Kampong and Rod-Witt couldn’t handle Blumendale, who won 0-5.

With her three goals, Getty Michel had a big share in Hurley’s 6-1 home win over Amsterdam, which took over with 2 women’s players, as well as five A1 girls. Victoria reached the quarter-finals by defeating HDM 2-1 and Pinocchi lost but narrowly lost to SCHC. At Amsterdamse Bos it was 2-3.

The results of the eighth gold cup finals

Southwest region
Rotterdam * – Little Switzerland 1-1
Goals: Annebright Rietveld | Florin van Grimbergen
* Rotterdam spread in crossfire

Victoria hdm 2-1
Goals: Julieta Yanconas, Maddie Hof | Eva van ‘t Hoog

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Southern area
Tilburg – orange red 0-1
Target: Sian Keel

was de – bush 0-9
Goals: Aimee van der Hoek, Jose Burg 3, Martje Krekelar 2, Fredrik Matla 2, Nour Omrani.

Breda – kampung 0-3
Goals: Pilar Romange, Luna Focke, Tess Zweres

Northwest region
Hurley – Amsterdam 6-1
Goals: Jet Michaels (3) Marilyn Jochems, Carmen Vincente and Michael van der Drift | Margot Murdak

red white – Bloomingdale 0-5
Targets: Demi Hiltermann (SP), Teuntjee Horn, Finn Mulder, Ben Molinar (SC), St. Carles.

Pinocchi – SCHC 2-3
Goals: Kiki Rosemeyer, Kelly Hoenge Juncker | Yebi Jansen, Issa Kraut, Mette Winter

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