Rota is relieved, Wilders and Bodhitt are angry at the curfew ruling: “class justice” | Interior

Rota is relieved, Wilders and Bodhitt are angry at the curfew ruling: "class justice" |  Interior

In a short press release shortly after the decision, Roth called on the Dutch once again to adhere to the controversial measure. Roth believes that enforcers will “handle the curfew wisely” over the next hour, especially because there is confusion throughout the day about whether or not the measure will go forward. “Moreover, the normal implementation is intended to take place again.”

According to Rutte, the curfew is important because we are dealing with the emerging British virus variant. “We are very concerned about that. It is a lot more contagious. If we want to regain insight into some relaxation in education or the economy at a certain point, this curfew plus one visit at home will be important in the near future,” the prime minister said.

PVV and Forum for Democracy criticize the court’s decision to maintain the curfew for the time being. This will happen anyway until the appeal, which the government raised, is completed immediately. The appeal will be heard on Friday and the ruling will likely follow that day.

The extension of the measure received no support in the House of Representatives among others, PVV, SGP, FvD, Party for the Animals and DENK. So they were satisfied with the ruling of the judge in The Hague who declared Tuesday morning that the curfew was invalid, because the legal basis would not be sound. SGP’s Kies van der Staig has already warned about this, just like the State Council previously.

Wilders tweeted: “How do you hate an arrogant man like Roth on a day like today. Interestingly, he managed to get a crystal clear court ruling against suspending the curfew in a few hours. NL is not a constitutional state but a very frightening Rota state.”

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Democracy Forum by Thierry Paudette: “Victims of the benefits issue must fight for years to get their rights. Rutte has an unwelcome decision by a judge quickly struck off the same day. This is class justice. The Netherlands is a corrupt country, ”the party tweeted. The party says the curfew is still illegal.

PVV leader Geert Wilders tweeted earlier Tuesday that he wanted an emergency discussion on the issue. The home has to come back from vacation for this. But a spokeswoman for parliament said there was no formal request to do so on Tuesday evening.


Justice Minister Fred Graberhouse confirmed that the curfew will take effect again from 9 pm until 4:30 am. He asks everyone to “show respect to our law enforcers, who already have a difficult mission.” He noted that 95 percent of people have committed to the procedure in recent weeks. “Please, let’s continue to do this together, because we are really doing this to fight the epidemic,” the minister said.

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