Feyenoord gets its own series on Disney +

Feyenoord krijgt eigen serie op Disney+

The Walt Disney Company announced that Feyenoord FC Rotterdam will have its own series on Disney +.

Gone are the times when Hollywood was the sole ruler of movies and series. With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Disney +, more and more movies are being produced outside of the United States. Hence, a Dutch-Belgian chain like Undercover can make it world famous.

Disney + and Feyenoord

In this context, football club Feyenoord can also attract the attention of a new audience. The Walt Disney Company announced that a new TV series is being worked with Feyenoord in the lead. Rotterdam football club will be watched closely to produce a documentary.

It is not known when the series will air on Disney +. Lusus Media will produce the documentary. For Disney +, the documentary with Feyenoord is the first Dutch production. There will be a total of eight episodes of the documentary series. Each episode lasts 50 minutes.

Such a documentary is different from an action series or movie. It remains to be seen if the series will be interesting enough to impress non-football fans as well. The documentary about a Rotterdam football club is a fairly specific topic, although this year the 113-year-old football club is of course a name already known across borders.

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