Roeister Clevering sure of the final: Van der Bij for a second chance

Roeister Clevering sure of the final: Van der Bij for a second chance

The Dutch boat was much better in the heat. After 500 meters, the Netherlands was slightly ahead of the British. China came second in the first half, 1.33 seconds behind the Clevering boat. At 1,500 metres, this advance was more than three seconds and at the end the gap was five seconds.

China came second and is sure of the final. Canada takes third place, Great Britain takes fourth place, and Poland comes last.

The final is on Wednesday, July 28 at 2:50 a.m. In the other heat, Australia set a new Olympic record. Just like Ireland, China and the Netherlands, Australia is sure of the final. Another boat will be added via resets.

Jan van der Beeg will take part in the rematch

The coxless team of four with Jan van der Beeg did not reach the final immediately. They finished third and had to finish the first two places to qualify immediately. Sunday, July 25th is the run-off at 6.10am.

Australia was the best in the heat. After 500 meters there was already a big gap with Australia, but the other boats were still close to each other. The Netherlands finished fourth after 500 metres.

After half (1000 metres), the Australians really ran out, but the battle for second place was still tough between Romania, America and the Netherlands. South Africa was far behind the Netherlands.

After 1500m America ran out too and the Netherlands was in a fight with Romania only for third place. Holland won that fight, but the third is not enough for the final.

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