End of stable summer weather, heavy showers with passing thunderstorms | interior

End of stable summer weather, heavy showers with passing thunderstorms |  interior

VideoLast week’s stable summer weather will end this weekend. Clouds and rain will pass from the south tomorrow. Within the next week the temperature will drop to about 20 degrees.

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23-07-21, 20:01

Weerplaza expects the temperature to remain good in most places this weekend. Tomorrow the wind will blow warm air from Germany in our direction. In the northeast and east it can reach 26 degrees. In the southern provinces, it is already raining from France tonight and it will not be warmer than 24 degrees.

Sunday’s heavy rain can pass across the country with thunderstorms and a chance of a lot of rain at short notice. Local flooding can occur. Although sometimes the sun will show itself.

code orange

In eastern Belgium, code orange will apply tomorrow. There can be heavy thunderstorms, rain and even hail. Although the showers are not comparable to those that occurred last week when floods occurred in a large area. “You can’t compare this rain with what happened last week,” weather worker Frank Dubucage told the Belgian newspaper. HLN. At that time, it dropped more than 200 liters per square meter in 48 hours. Now this is only from 10 to 30 liters. These are typical thunderstorms, which in certain areas do not last for a long time. Local flooding is possible.

As a precaution, the Belgian municipality of Limburg is evacuating some of its residents who live in the affected areas. Residents of more than twenty streets or neighborhoods were asked to leave. Between Saturday, July 24 at 11 a.m. and Sunday, July 25 at 1 p.m., RMI expects thunderstorms with locally heavy rain. “Due to the lack of accurate information about flood risks, we are asking residents of the affected areas to leave their homes preemptively after last week,” the municipality wrote on its Facebook page.

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Walloon Environment Minister Celine Teller said earlier that he wanted to check the sewers. In flooded areas, it can still be filled with rocks and litter.

Next weeks

Incidentally, Weerplaza expects things to remain volatile in the coming weeks. There are many areas of low pressure above our country, which means that temperatures can be three degrees lower than average. Within the next week, the temperature is creeping up. “If we hit twenty degrees next weekend, we can squeeze our hands out,” says Wetherman Water van Bernebeek.

Picture for clarification. Lightning over southeast North Brabant. © Hollandse Hoogte / Rob Engelaar

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