Robin Tony wanted to turn down her lead role in ‘The Craft’ because it was ‘boring’

A cult classic of the 1990s The craft It gets a supplement. The first trailer for Craft: a heritage Released on September 29, it introduces a new collection of Teen Magicians who experiment with their powers. While the characters and the story are new, there are several recalls to the 1996 film, including a repeat of the classic line, “We Are We Weirdo, Mister,” and a short appearance by the original witch Nancy (Fairuza Balk) in vintage Polaroid.

In the new movie, Kylie Speney plays Hannah, the new girl in town who becomes friends with a trio of friends interested in magic. The role is similar to that played by Robin Tony in the original film. These days, it’s hard to imagine The craft Without Tony as Sarah, the witch who must eliminate her friends when they get too strong. But as Tony revealed to Entertainment Weekly in 2017, she was initially hesitant to get involved.

Robin Tony did not think she would be cast in The Craft

Robin Tony, Feroza Black, Rachel True, and Nev Campbell in a scene from The craft | Colombia Images / Getty Images

When Tony L. The craft, She didn’t think she had a chance to get acting. The actor had just completed the work Empire records, Which features a famous scene where Tony shaves her head with the camera. She was still nearly bald when she auditioned for the teen superhero movie.

She recalls, “I think my hair grew out, like an inch, and my agents were like, ‘They’re not going to hire you that way.”

Tony almost turned down the Sara part

Tony was on the role of Bonnie, but the producers settled on Neve Campbell. Instead, Tony was offered the lead role of Sarah. But she was reluctant to say yes, she told EW.

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“When they asked me to play the lead instead of Bonnie, I was like, ‘This is the most boring part. This is the girl who wants to put it in a closet and tell her to turn off the damned because it’s not fun. ”

But Tony’s clients weren’t about to let her turn down such a big chunk.

“My agents called me and said you can’t say no. It’s a groundbreaking movie in the studio,” Tony said. “I was scared. I have never been a pioneer in anything. I didn’t feel good enough. “

She says this popular TV show stole “The Craft”

Cast enchanted
Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty Charm | Paramount Pictures / Deliverd By: Online Usa, Inc.

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The craft It went on to win $ 55 million at the world box office. Co-writer Andrew Fleming even wrote a pilot for a show based on the Fox movie. The network rejected it. WB was interested, but Fox didn’t let them get the show. Soon after, WB unveiled another show about witches: Charm.

“Charm It is a rip-off The craftTony claimed. “It was so obvious that people thought I was Charm For years after that. “

Tony’s star Rachel True, who played Rochelle, also noticed their similarities Charm And the The craft, With one notable difference.

“They used the same line, used the same song, and Aaron Spelling – bless his heart – but it’s nothing more.” Let’s put black people in my things, “so he made them sisters, so they didn’t have to put a black girl on, that’s my theory,” told Too Fab in General 2017. ‘[Charmed] It really originated from The craft. ”

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