Roadmap of the CO2 neutral Rhine-Alpine Corridor

Roadmap of the CO2 neutral Rhine-Alpine Corridor

Europe has a total of 9 transport corridors. Together, these corridors form the basis of the so-called “core network” through all 26 member states with 94 European (internal) ports, 38 airports and 15,000 kilometers of rail lines adapted to transport freight and/or high speeds. The Rhine-Alpine River is the busiest transport corridor in Europe.

Green Deal Climate Goals

In the roadmap, the Rhine-Alpine Corridor Interregional Alliance describes the specific steps they will take towards zero-emission transport for all forms of transport and making infrastructure more sustainable. This includes new clean energy hubs and a transition to using clean energy, such as hydrogen, instead of fossil fuels. By taking these steps, the EGTC is making an important contribution to achieving climate goals, as set out in the European Green Deal, Fit for 55 and the European Ten-T Policy Review. The EGTC roadmap for Rhein-Alpine serves as a test ground for the EU and other TEN-T corridors.

About the Rhine-Alps Corridor (EGTC) Interregional Alliance

The Rhine-Alps Interregional Alliance was founded in 2015 and currently has 26 members – municipalities, regions, provinces, inland ports, seaports and a chamber organization – from countries Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands along the Corridor. Cooperation with all these partners along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor is unique to this day. Since May 2021, the province of South Holland has been supplying the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the EGTC; Representative Janet Balgiou.

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