Rijkswaterstaat warns of increased water levels

Rijkswaterstaat warns of increased water levels

Photo: Sittard-Geleen.nieuws.nl

Rijkswaterstaat will warn for the next 24 hours of increased water levels in Maas, Wall, Rhine and Ijssel.

The river level is rising due to rain and melt water from Germany and Switzerland. On Friday, the water level in the Rhine near Lobeth will rise to more than 12.00 metres. The floodplains along the Waal, Rhine and Ijssel rivers can be inundated, but there is no reason to worry about rising water levels.

The Meuse River also drains more water because it has rained a lot in the Ardennes. The floodplains near Roermond could overflow from Wednesday evening. So it is likely that the dam in Belfield will be settled on Wednesday evening. By lowering the dam, the river water gets more space to flow through. The Water Board of Limburg and the Rijkswaterstaat are on alert. They assert that the increased runoff that is now projected can occur several times a year.

Rijkswaterstaat also warns of increasing water levels along the coast. Winds are expected to be strong to gale with tides in spring.

Hollandse IJsselkering east of Rotterdam is closed. The Scheldestromen Water Authority has closed a road in Breskens and some beach crossings in Vlissingen.

According to Childstromen, there is still no reason to start monitoring levees. Rijkswaterstaat and the water boards of Zeeland, South Holland and Groningen are closely monitoring the situation. Rijkswaterstaat says areas outside the embankments near Vlardingen and Maslus could be flooded.

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