Ricciardo responds to Horner’s comments ‘Red Bull lost seven kilos’ GPFans summary

Ricciardo responds to Horner's comments 'Red Bull lost seven kilos' GPFans summary


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It’s the Wednesday before the Australian Grand Prix. The teams and drivers are quietly preparing for the race in Melbourne. Today, Daniel Ricciardo responded to the Red Bull Racing Team Principal’s comments regarding his time with the team. Formula 1 teams also try in every way to shed those extra kilos, even if that means stripping cars of paint. You can read this and more in the new GPFans summary.

Coronel: “Red Bull removed about seven kilograms from the car last week”

Red Bull Racing was recently able to gain an extra seven kilos from the RB18. This is what Tom Coronel says in a conversation with ad† “I have heard from a very reliable source that they have solved 75 percent of the problem in the past few weeks.” Read the full article? click here

Ricciardo responds to Horner’s comments: “It’s not something I regret”

Daniel Ricciardo has responded to Christian Horner’s recent comments. The Red Bull Racing team principal recently spoke of the “astonishingly bad timing” of the Australian’s decision to leave the team. Read the full article? click here

Everything you need to know about the Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix will be held again this season for the first time since 2019. Albert Park Street has undergone major overhauls since its last visit to improve overtaking chances. Read the full article? click here

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Formula 1 overweight: Teams are increasingly scratching car paint

Overweight is currently a major issue in Formula 1. With the exception of Alfa Romeo, team cars are well above the weight limit. With the budget cap approaching, it’s hard to shed those extra pounds. This is the reason to look for a solution in creative ways, for example by removing some paint here and there. Read the full article? click here

How many penalty points will the drivers start the weekend in Australia?

The 2022 Formula 1 season has now started, but the drivers will simply take the penalty points with them from the 2021 season. We’ll go over a full overview of the drivers’ penalty points count. Read the full article? click here

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