Ricciardo on Verstappen’s world title: ‘It was just a matter of time’

Ricciardo over wereldtitel Verstappen:

Max Verstappen crowned world champion in 2021 came as no surprise to Daniel Ricciardo. The two were teammates for three years at Red Bull Racing, where the Australian saw him develop and take each other to the next level.

“As a teammate of Max, I knew we were pushing each other to a very high level,” the Australian said. Racing News 365 Back to cooperating with the Dutch. “I had a feeling the way we went at that time could have earned us a world title.” This world title did not come at that time. Ricciardo outperformed Verstappen at the British stable in the first two seasons, but last year the Dutchman finished better than Ricciardo. After that, Verstappen continued in that streak towards the world title did not surprise the McLaren driver: “It was only a matter of time for him to get a title. So seeing him do it is not a surprise to me.”

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Tough start to the season

Ricciardo himself finished eighth among the drivers last season. His teammate, Lando Norris, did better. The Briton finished two places higher. This was due to a poor first half of the season for the 32-year-old driver from Australia. Ricciardo had to get used to the new McLaren, but he got revenge in the second half of the season. His highlight was the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where he was surprisingly victorious.

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Victory in Italy

It was the Australian’s first win since he left Red Bull Racing in 2018. The McLaren driver said GPFans At the time, he said, “The more time has passed since Monza, I’ve realized his impact and I really think this was my biggest moment, my biggest win, or some kind of racing day in my motorsport career.”

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