Ricciardo is back with his family after twenty months: “He is very emotional”

Ricciardo na twintig maanden weer bij familie: "Het is behoorlijk emotioneel"

Daniel Ricciardo is happy with the fact that after at least twenty months he can visit his family in Australia again. The McLaren driver believes it will be an emotional meeting with his loved ones.

Ricciardo is thrilled to finally be able to return to his family for Christmas after such a long season. Australia has always maintained a strict policy when it comes to borders and even Australians have had trouble getting into the country. The cheerful driver has stated several times that he feels homesick, as he has not been able to return to his family since the start of the 2020 season, which began later.

twenty months

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Which is why it will be an extra special birthday for Ricciardo, he says. “I figured. When I finally get home, there will be twenty months. Twenty months! That made this year really difficult. Tough moments are very difficult, because without your family. I have a McLaren, but this is different. Your family can always provide a good escape from difficult situations.” ‘, he says.


So the McLaren driver thinks it will be an emotional reunion. “My mum usually cries when I get home at Christmas. I think I’ll be a little emotional now too. Every year that goes by, your family also gets bigger by one year. Also, you miss a year of nieces and nephews growing up” That’s important to me. This job is challenging because you have been away from your loved ones for a long time. He’s so emotional, but so cute,” he finally laughs.

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