Review: Scale model – hold a vomit bucket

Review: Scale model - hold a vomit bucket

Since the first time I saw gameplay footage of the Scale model, I’ve fallen in love with it and it became my project last week. The game allows you to solve puzzles in a model of the environment, where everything you do in the small form affects the big version outside.

The first 10 minutes of the game was a great experience, with good music and an ambiance you can’t beat. Unfortunately, my love for the game ended quickly and it’s purely because: Love in the game. Before playing this game, put a bucket in your chair before vomiting, because I have rarely been able to experience a forced love story as the end becomes so clear right from the start. Spoiler alert: Love stops.

Disney isn’t real

Even without looking for the developer, I was already sure. This game was developed in the United States and most likely Los Angeles. I was almost right. Developer Graceful Decay is based in San Francisco, which is exactly why this game is so sweet and so annoying. These people have seen and come to believe in a lot of Disney movies.

Of course, being in love is fun and fortunately I had the opportunity to try it many times, but the sweetness and jokes that we have already heard in 140 romantic films, the plot is incredibly predictable; To vomit. The love story tells of two big names: Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World, Mandalorian, Director) and Seth Gabel (Salem, The Da Vinci Code) are also married in real life. They do their job really well. They are only the largest part of the text.

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Then the gameplay, which is quite adept at times but ultimately gets stuck in trial and error and silly Expired. As mentioned, you can manipulate the big world around you by moving small objects in the model. For example, you can use a key and place it on the model as a bridge and in the big world you will be able to walk over it. Good idea, honestly, but for every puzzle there is only one result and that’s more than once very vague.

Later in the game there is a third layer, which is that you yourself are modeling as a young person. So the world is huge and the distances are ridiculous. So run, run, run, as you will have to come back many times because you don’t yet understand how to solve the puzzle. This way you get five hours of playing time, but that doesn’t make it any funnier.

Amazing graphics

Plus, everything looks like a Wii balance board, which is great for one trick, but it shouldn’t take long. What is really good for each other (and the reason so many people play this game) are the graphics. The scale model is not only atmospheric, but it is beautifully designed too. It is a feast for the eyes to see new worlds and paradigms. And the graphics made during the story are also very atmospheric, so another episode of the love story is told and hangs over your bucket again of course.

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Scale model is a gimmick that gets boring very quickly. The game is beautifully presented and sometimes has a great atmosphere, but the things you have to do in the world are long, boring, and rarely interesting. The story still sees the game the most. From the first minute you already know that the described relationship will not last. Without any nuance at all, you are presented with two characters who can be fun individually, but as a couple they are the epitome of uninteresting Disney love intrigues if that were removed and this game turned into a puzzle game with a little trial and error and hiking, you really might be Wonderful game. Unfortunately.

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