Revamped design and screen recorder

Revamped design and screen recorder

Wear OS 3 is official since the last Google I/O release as a perfect amalgamation of Wear OS and Tizen, which Samsung seemed to be taking the lead in. After all, Wear OS 3 appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, On demand from Samsung.

While we waited to get the first smartwatches from other brands running Wear OS 3, the question remained What does stock Wear OS 3 look like, without Samsung hands. Now we have an answer to this question thanks to the fact that Google has published the official Wear OS 3 image of the Android Studio emulator.

This is Wear OS 3 without Samsung

Wear OS 3 is the result of joint work between Google and Samsung with the corresponding operating systems for smartwatches: Wear OS and Tizen. So far, we’ve seen it in action on the latest Galaxy Watch, which brought Custom Wear OS 3 Where Samsung’s own apps abound.

The official Android Studio emulator (based on Android 11) shows us How is the stock of Wear OS 3, without additional customizations. It’s not a drastic change from previous versions, but there are several interesting redesigns in the design. For example, the keys in the settings show the background color which makes it stand out more than before.


Options menus also change their design, since they also have a light gray background with rounded edges, while in previous versions only the icon was highlighted. They are minor changes, but they make the interface look more modern.

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In the watch settings there is a new section called Health servicesWhere you can enter personal data such as gender, height and weight without more. On the other hand, the settings include the option to use the triple tap gesture.

On-screen video recording

Quick settings (left) and lock menu screen recorder (center and right)

A strange novelty in Wear OS 3 is that it contains a file screen recorder Built in watch turn off menu, locally and without having to use the Wear OS mobile app, connect via ADB or similar. That is, you can record the screen on your smartwatch from the smartwatch itself. It makes sense to include this novelty because Wear OS 3 is based on Android 11 and the original screen recorder was a novelty in this mobile version.

Still It will take us to see Wear OS 3 without SamsungWell, unless there’s a last-minute surprise — or some early Pixel watch — the Wear OS 3 updates announced for the TicWatch will move into the second half of 2022, so be patient.

via | XDA

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