Retirement Club announces the start of the second season!

Retirement Club announces the start of the second season!

After the complete success of Gig Grandpa, The Retirement Club decides to put the cover back on again with the decadent Grandma. This time, the ladies will be in the spotlight in this promising new opus just like the previous one.

The decadent grandma has an opinion too!

For those who couldn’t take the camper with the party grandparents, you’ll have the chance to catch up on decadent granny. The retirement club decided to spotlight our seniors with these colorful NFTs, available for season two as radiant grandmothers. Of course, the advantages will always be as numerous as they were during the first version, which greatly pleases the members.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who won the popular sesame with Party Grandpa, you can of course complete your ensemble with a female version embodied by Degenerate Granny. And to thank you for your loyalty, every GrandPa owner from Season 1 will get a FREE NFT for Season 2.

6000 Grannys will be served at launch, and each one of them will be unique. In fact, with over 180 different aesthetic traits, the combinations are endless and unlike any other novelty. You will be able to choose the person your heart beats for in this new collection. You’ll be sure to get to know many more women in the spotlight at this new launch. It is up to you to choose whether to go for a famous person or for a grandmother created from scratch.

Retirement club benefits

Being a granary owner means not only enjoying that pretty face, it is also a member’s access to a retirement club.

when you participate in retired club Take advantage of the full package with all the exclusive benefits. In fact, in addition to having your granny’s photo, you also have special bonuses: access to concerts and music festivals, national and international sporting events, … Lots of reasons to fall in love with granny!

To celebrate the event, the retirement club hits hard every season. For the release of Party Grandpas, the planned prices for the release of Degenerate Grannys will be exceptional! Four novelty owners will be drawn and each will win a prize of $25,000, totaling $100,000.

Discord community at your service

Over 66,000 people have joined the retirement club’s dedicated Discord, to get a preview of all the information and tips from that specific club. Join Discord now to share this adventure with all the other members and participate in this extraordinary community.


The release of the second season was announced a few weeks ago, and Sale date now known: December 21.

To end the year on a high note, you can present or treat yourself with an unusual and exceptional gift. Note this date in your diary, it would be a shame to miss it, there will not be a date for everyone.

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