Resume : The Ultimate Way To Secure A Job

A resume is not just a paper, but it is the only paper on which your future depends. The way you present your resume, or all the things that you have written on your resume, will give an overview of you, your career, and your insights to the recruiter. They will judge you based on your appearance and your resume. Hence, it is essential to make your resume presentable so that you can crack the job.

Why do the recruiters want your resume?

A resume will give the company a basic insight into your professional life, accomplishments, and experiences. The company needs to choose the most suitable candidates for interviews from which screening will be done. Through the screening, they will see your resume to check if you are capable enough to work in their company or not.

The recruiter can ask a question by looking at your resume to see if all the things written in your resume are true or not. They will also check your knowledge about the industry and about your skills which you have mentioned in your resume. Hence the resume will introduce you to the recruiters.

Why do you need to update your resume?

If you want to move from one company where you are currently working to another, you need to update your resume. From time to time, as you have gained new skills, you have to add those to your resume. Updated resume will tell the company what you have learned, the roles you have fulfilled, and what you have learned so far from your previous companies. Hence, updating your resume is necessary while you are applying to another company.

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Tips of resume writing that you should follow

Resume writing is not very tough but, you need to keep in mind the different details. Like any letter writing, you need to follow the formats; however, in a resume, you will get different types of formats. You need to choose amongst those formats to see which one will be suitable. You need to keep your resume concise as recruiters these days do not look to read pages after pages. There are many things to keep in mind, so here are some of the tips that will help you to make a presentable yet concise resume:

● Use keywords

You need to add the appropriate keywords in your resume, which will help the recruiting system recommend your resume to the company. Every company gets many resumes every day, hence making the task easier; certain keywords are kept in the system, which helps to scan the resumes and choose the resumes with those keywords. So, try to use your industry’s keywords or jargon in your resume.

● Use professional fonts

Always use professional fonts and keep the size of the fonts to 11 or 12. Professional fonts will tell the recruiters that you are very professional and serious about getting the job in their company. The fonts need to be clean, basic, and readable. Do not use any cursive or fashionable fonts. Make sure to eliminate any white spaces or large spaces in your resume; this does not look good.

● Keep your resume simple

Always try to keep your resume simple. Use simple formats and eye-soothing colors. Do not use vibrant colors; it does not give a good impression on the recruiters. If you cannot understand how to build it, you can check out resume builders; there are a lot of formats that you can use. Formats are important to build the basic structure of your resume, so keep the format simple and do not use any complicated structure. This will not give a good impression on the recruiters.

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● Use bullets

To make your resume concise yet elegant, always use bullet points. Reading long paragraphs can bore the recruiter, so it is better to write using bullet points. Bullet points give a very classy look to your resume, and the recruiters could easily read them just by taking one look. This will always make it easier for the recruiter to see all the relevant information that you want to convey to the recruiter.

● Give correct information

Always write the correct information on your resume. Even it is the personal information or academic information or roles and responsibilities. Always write the correct details like your phone number, email id, date of birth, address or your marks at a different academic level. You should also write about your achievements correctly and check for any mistakes. Giving incorrect information cannot help you to get a job even if your interview has gone well.

●      Read your resume carefully

After you have finished writing your resume, you need to proofread your resume. You have to check for any grammatical mistakes or for any information that you have left out. Proofreading will ensure that there is no spelling mistake present. If you cannot understand, you will get several proofreading sites that will help you proofread your resume.

●  Try to keep it to one page

Always try to keep your resume to one page or at most two pages. The recruiters never like to see page after page resume. It makes them bored, and since they are mass recruiting people, it is not possible for them to read through so many pages. So, you need to write all the important points that occurred in your professional life, in one or two pages. This will help the recruiters, and they highly appreciate it.

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Your resume will help you to earn a position in the company where you are applying for a job. You must make it attractive yet simple. You need to keep the color check, formatting check, and always proofread it to see if you have made any mistake; you have forgotten to add something, or you want to omit something. You have to keep your resume concise. This attracts the recruiters as they will get all the information they want in just one or two pages. You need to follow the tips to make your resume the best amongst the other candidates who have applied for the job. Hence, work on your resume to make it presentable.

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