Research: the first people in America much earlier than thought

Research: the first people in America much earlier than thought

The research on the discovery was published in the scientific journal Science. If the conclusions are confirmed by peers, then this is an amazing breakthrough: so far most scientists agree that man set foot on the American continent not earlier than 16,000 years ago.


The discovery therefore means that there is a gap of thousands of years in knowledge about human history in the Americas.

The topic of America’s number one man has long been debated in science. Nor is it the first time that humans have been thought to have existed before. But the discoveries that would indicate this so far have mainly consisted of such attributes as spearheads and other tools. Evidence will be insufficient.

Footprints found in excavations in White Sands National Park in New Mexico will provide more reliable evidence. One researcher told the BBC: “You can’t move a footprint up or down in the soil like traits can.”

kids and teens

A team of American geologists were able to infer from the layers above and below the fingerprints they came from. Between 21,000 and 23,000 years ago, they were completed.

According to researchers, the footprints come from young children and adolescents. It is not known exactly what they did, but they may have assisted adults in hunting rituals that Native Americans are known to use.

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