Requirements to run pubg new state after pubg lite has stopped working permanently

Requirements to run pubg new state after pubg lite has stopped working permanently

PUBG New State System Requirements, After the official announcement of the new version, you can download it to your computer or mobile device that supports the operation of Android or that supports the ISO system, but when installing PUBG New country On your device, you may notice that the game does not run properly due to the inconsistency of the technical specifications of your device with the features available in PUBG New State Or what is mentioned on it Bbg 2 Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the technical specifications of your device before downloading the new version of Bbg For you to play and enjoy without stopping the game.

Prepare PUBG MOBILE One of the most important electronic games that always tops searches, whether in downloading the game, especially the new version PUBG New State And the most important thing that distinguishes it from other publications, especially PUBG Mobile Lite game Which developers announced that it will stop working on April 29, 2021, and searches for new roads are also increasing Free shipment of PUBG wrenches And feces.

Run a pubg new state


The developers announced the game Bbg Recently the old version of Peggy Lite game The main dependence will be on me New country And PUBG MOBILE The company explained PUBG Lite discontinued The final work will be at the end of April 2021, which is what made many people sad because PUBG Lite It does not require high technical specifications for the game, does not require formal technical specifications, that is, any player can download itDownload the game Peggy Lite On your device that has weak capabilities and playing on it without problems, but after this version has stopped, you have only one option, which is to provide the appropriate technical specifications in order to be able to Play PUBG The most prominent of which is that your mobile device is running on an operating system of 6 or more, and the random memory must be at least 4 GB RAM, in addition to that the internal memory of your device is not less than 64 GB.

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Pubg Lite has been closed permanently

Requirements to run pubg new state after pubg lite is permanently suspended
PUBG Mobile Lite game

The organizers of the development of PUBG explained today with a surprise announcement published in the Indian newspapers, confirming that the game Pubg Lite will be permanently closed from work at the end of April 2021, that is, specifically on the twenty-ninth, and the developers explained some points, which came as follows:

  1. a ban Peggy Lite game From the Information Technology Act.
  2. The spread of PUBG Lite was due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  3. We apologize for the service interruption PUBG Lite We promise to provide more new services.
  4. The deadline for the service interruption is on April 29, 2021.

So now you can rely heavily on enjoying this great fighting game PUBG New State Where you can download it from Google Play or through the Apple Store for free, after downloading the game and start Run PUBG You have to follow PUBG’s hidden secrets Through which you can win very easily, after getting to know the most important New PUBG weapons.

In conclusion, we wish you to spend quality time at Peggy game And provide requirements Run a pubg new state To take advantage of the new development in the game.

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