Reports: Thousands of Trump supporters march in the capital

Reports: Thousands of Trump supporters march in the capital

WASHINGTON, DC – Thousands of President Donald J. Trump’s supporters staged a rally on Saturday in Washington to support his campaign allegations of election fraud, although the Trump team continued to fail to prove this in legal appeals in battlefield states.

Twitter on Saturday was filled with pro- and anti-Trump tweets from Republicans in attendance and from Democrats criticizing and mocking the participants. Reports from Fox News, the BBC, and the NBC correspondent on Twitter show huge crowds carrying Trump 2020 flags and “Stop theft” and other signals related to the president’s legal battles and his refusal to date to waive the election of former Vice President Joe Biden, who has bypassed the authority’s votes Electoral 270 votes required to win the count so far.

People traveled from all over the country to attend the rally, including from Florida, where a group of 250 members of the right-wing Proud Boys from across the country, and among the promoters, the Republican National Assembly of Hispanic in Florida with nine chapters around the state gathered to travel to The nation’s capital.

Trump claims the votes came out of nowhere and cost him combat states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. However, he presented no evidence of systematic fraud, and the courts had already canceled many of the lawsuits brought by his camp.

Abraham Lopez, a member of the National Committee of the National Hispanic Association, said that more than a dozen pro-Trump groups are behind the rally, which he called variously: Million MAGA March, Trump March or 45 March.
Other groups planning demonstrations include: March for Trump, Stop the Steal, and Women for America First, as well as more disparate groups like Oath Keepers, Three Percenters,, and Groypers.
Opponents see the march, from Freedom Square to the steps of the Supreme Court, as a desperate ploy to prolong Trump’s rule.
“It’s only designed to cause disruption, and possibly chaos,” Politico quoted Angelo Carrosoni, president of Media Matters, a progressive left-wing group that monitors conservative media, as saying, “It’s just designed to cause disruption, and possibly chaos. It’s basically a giant online comment dwarf.”
Lopez said that many Latino National Assembly members are concerned about voting irregularities that have so far been exposed by election officials in various states.
He said, “Our message is that every legal ballot must be counted and that every illegal ballot must be counted.” “Nothing more and nothing less.”
He said his organization was also supporting Trump in pursuing legal options before admitting defeat by Biden. He said that many people who are comfortable with fact-checking content on the Internet on Facebook and Twitter are uncomfortable with members of the US government to validate elections.
Tario said if Biden is named the winner after all said and done, he will accept it.
“There is nothing I can do,” he said. I didn’t do enough, or the grassroots groups didn’t do enough, or Trump didn’t do enough.
Biden was credited with inadvertently promoting the Proud Boys’ image when he challenged Trump to denounce the group during a debate. Trump told the Proud Boys to “sit idly by.”
“I’m very grateful to Joe Biden,” said Tario. “If he becomes president, the best thing to do is to promote my organization.”
In response to the reported coup of Proud Boise, Tario said that the man he claimed to have removed him as president is not even a member.
He said, “For a coup to happen, you have to be part of the organization to establish the coup.”
Kyle Chapman claimed to have taken over the Proud Boys for leading them in a direction of white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Although the “proud boys” are classified as a “hate” group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Tario denies their adoption of white supremacist views.
Tario said that Chapman was briefly linked to “Broad Boys” in 2017. He left the organization that same year to start his “private business.” Tario said that Chapman showed up again a month ago in an attempt to join the ranks of Proud Boys, but his membership was turned down.
He said, “I think this is where his anger came from.”

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– FOX News, BBC and Sun Sentinel via Tribune wire services

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