Renewable Energy: Clarity of Support

Renewable Energy: Clarity of Support


The new regulation on promoting renewable energy introduced on Wednesday aims to provide clarity. Firms specializing in Styria view the financing system favorably – with slight criticism.

Not only does the new regulation bring a total of €300 million to fund environmental projects across Austria, but community PV systems are now being funded – more on this at Start for Renewable Investment Funding (

Between lottery and fighting

For everyone planning a PV project and hoping for funding, things will get exciting again from April 21: The federal government will cover a third of the construction costs — if you’re lucky and the ticket submitted will get you your turn on that funding according to the union’s master, electrical engineer in Styria, Christian Gaish: “Of course it’s a totally confusing story again. You have to get completely familiar with that carrier route again. On the 21st of April there will be the first funding call – that means you can get a ticket there once, and then you’ll get a message An email confirmation, then you can enter and then you can hand your funding over. This sounds a lot to me like a lottery, and it’s going to be a fight again.”

In general, however, he sees the increase to 300 million across Austria as positive, since it is now clear how much funding is for different types of projects – and above all community systems are also funded, ie photovoltaic systems that use a complete system. Electricity supply district.

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Downer: Delivery Problems

The biggest factor here: It’s currently hard to get the necessary storage batteries and more. “I looked this morning, I needed a memory – delivery date: February 2023, October 2022, August 2022. And that’s how it goes,” says Gaish. It is also difficult to get the necessary adapters at the moment: “Everywhere there are electronics, you have a problem.”

The shortage of skilled labor must be overcome

The shortage of skilled labor is another problem, but one that is about to be addressed – and there are hopes here, too, for specialized training programs for the unemployed.

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