Renewable energies: faster processes needed

Renewable energies: faster processes needed

The current background for demand is the food company Frastanz’s “11er” plan to follow through on its neighbor Rondo Ganahl’s plans for its own power plant. Rondo Ganahl wants to build this power plant – if the “11er” participates, the project will be subject to an environmental impact assessment due to its size. Companies fear that such action could delay construction – more on this in: Shared Power Plant: Concern about lengthy procedures.

Facilitating the transition to sustainable forms of energy

SPÖ energy spokesman Martin Staudinger is calling on the state government to rethink. Shared local power plants such as those being considered by the companies at Frastanz should not be delayed by “unnecessarily long EIA procedures”.

In general, Staudinger would like to significantly shorten the EIA procedure for projects aimed at switching to sustainable forms of energy. We can only get out of oil and gas if we rethink our previous strategies. This means that EIAs are no longer a matter of years,” says Staudinger.

Zadra: a fast and ambitious operation in Vorarlberg

Environmental consultant Daniel Zadra (Greens) had confirmed on the occasion of Fristanzer’s plans that the project would of course be carefully examined, but that it would be approached aggressively. If the plans are presented correctly, conducting an EIA in Vorarlberg takes an average of eight months, which is fast and ambitious, Zadra says.

Staudinger: The ÖVP and the Greens rejected the request

However, Staudinger accused the ÖVP and the Greens of rejecting a request from SPÖ in April proposing to speed up such measures. Specifically, SPÖ wanted to use its app to get the state government to put pressure on the federal government for new regulation that would lead to faster results in EIA procedures for projects whose implementation is in the public interest.

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According to Studinger, this will also be necessary for the new projects of illwerke VKW, the implementation of which will take longer than what is already required for 2030 energy independence. “As a result, electricity imports will continue to be necessary for a long time,” Studdinger says.

SPÖ is already calling for an energy saving campaign

Staudinger also criticizes the fact that the state government is not planning an energy-saving campaign until the fall. This should happen now, in Germany, for example, there are extensive initiatives in which people are constantly calling for savings on gas and energy.

Vorarlberg should also start saving before gas is needed again in the fall. That is why it would be right to use summer to convince residents and businesses of the need to save energy. Environmental consultant Zadra has announced a campaign for the fall – more on this in: Zadra has announced a campaign to save energy.

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