Rene van der Geep at 6 today: ‘I’m about to date Geraldine Chaplin’

Rene van der Geep at 6 today: 'I'm about to date Geraldine Chaplin'

According to René van der Gibe, he almost had a thing with Geraldine Chaplin: the daughter of acting legend Charlie Chaplin.

men Sixth day Discuss the relationship between King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima on Tuesday evening. It turned out to be a tour for a glimpse into the dating life of René van der Gibe, who shared his memories of the time he was – in his own words – dating American actress Geraldine Chaplin.

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There was nothing wrong

I almost got Geraldine Chaplin once. It doesn’t matter” Pigeon Renee Zen Tale. “Yes, do you know what’s good?”He said, after the guests at the table and the audience laughed at his confession. “Well, the two of us won’t be done with that in 150 years.”

I thought I was a little crazy

Wilfred Jenny was naturally curious about what went wrong between Gigb and Geraldine. “Yes, I thought I was a little crazy, a little weird”, Tell the bestselling author In All Honesty. “It was the only time I’ve ever met someone like that. But something went wrong too. He also had something like: What am I doing with this?”

‘drifting away!’

Rene recalls that the date of the 77-year-old actress was in Switzerland in Montreux. Wilfred saw the bright spot in the refusal. “Then you still have to deal with it, because it is old!”. The editors quickly searched for her age, but Renee couldn’t believe his old flame had become old again. “That’s not 77, cheer up!” Which is supposed to be Wilfred announced actress. Viewers immediately began searching on Google.

Lately, things don’t always go well Sixth day: Wilfried Jenny had to apologize for a fatal mistake and Johann Derricksen got the necessary blame in the head.

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