Reign Supreme S01E01: Fantastic French hip-hop drama

Reign Supreme S01E01: Fantastic French hip-hop drama

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Music aficionado and DJ Daniel (Andranik Mane) travels to the United States in the late 1970s and witnesses the emergence of hip-hop culture there. Returning to his native France, he tries to bring this new lifestyle to the attention of Parisians in the early 1980s. Region Supreme (Le monde de main) revolves around this history and the founding of the hip-hop collective NTM (‘Nique Ta Mère’ is short for Neuk Je Moeder).

The camera follows young Kool Shane (Anthony Bajon) and Joey Starr (Melvin Bomer plays a hip-hop artist who will later also appear in several films), who discover breakdancing one day in Paris on the Place de la Trocadero: few Americans make money. creators of Region Supreme – Hélier Cisterne and Katell Quillévéré, known for And nos frères bless, 2021 – Show this feeling in a special way; On the square opposite the Eiffel Tower, you can also see mimes and troubadours: they represent ancient forms of entertainment and culture. But the general public still marveled at the new American phenomenon.

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However, it takes Daniel a lot of effort to find an employer who will allow him to play hip-hop. Well-known story: Many radio stations found the music vulgar and anti-authoritarian at the time. Dynamically depicting all this, Cisterne and Quillévéré magnificently recreate the 1980s in France with their portraits of these pioneers. Region Supremea co-production with the French cultural channel Arte, is in this respect not only a fictional retelling of a particular period, but also an impressive cross-section of the time.

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