Register to vote, replace ballot, change address

Register to vote, replace ballot, change address

Colorado Springs, Colorado (KKTV) – El Paso County has 13 new voter service centers and polling places that open on Mondays, and this is where you need to go to resolve any last-minute issues in order to vote.

You have to register to vote in person at one of these centers because there has run out of time to register online. Likewise, issues such as changing of address or obtaining a replacement ballot must be dealt with in person. Click here for a list of all 35 El Paso County offices. You must be in line no later than 7 pm Election Day for your vote to be counted.

“This is what polling stations were originally designed for, for voters who need special assistance, that last-minute service,” said Chuck Brorman, El Paso County Clerk and Registrar.

While anyone can vote in person at one of these centers, leaders only ask you to attend if you have a problem that needs to be resolved by election officials; Otherwise, it will make the already projected long lines longer. In order to leave these centers open to those who need them, officials say that voters who have no problems with ballot papers they received in the mail should return them at one of the 37 ballot boxes in the county.

Officials say voter service centers and polling places are expected to have long queues for two main reasons: the length of polling time and precautions from the pandemic.

“Polling is a bit long, so it may take some time, and then between each of these transactions, we have crews who will come and clean the stations,” Brorman added.

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It is expected that about 5 percent of the vote will be received at voter service centers and polling places. Typically, more than 80 percent are returned in drop boxes. The remaining 5 percent consists mainly of postal ballots.

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