Reddit users show off their amazing custom templates

Reddit users show off their amazing custom templates

From Oliver Jaeger
In the “ErgoMechKeyboards” subreddit, users show their unusual, cool, and interesting keyboards. In this article we would like to introduce you to four of these anomalies.

Keyboards come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and are mostly designed to meet the individual needs of the owner. There are not only keyboards with standard layouts with decent RGB lighting, but also particularly strange examples, some of which can be found in the “ErgoMechKeyboards” subreddit. There users offer their own wild custom keyboards, which are particularly eye-catching. We would like to introduce you to four of these keyboards in this article.

Cool two-part keyboards

User Chewiedies recently showed off their 42-key, non-diode Cantor keyboard, which is split into two and stands on multiple stands. According to the user summary, the keyboard has a curved keyboard layout. The top is said to be connected to the base via a 6mm magnet. The MCU cover is also held in place with a 3mm magnet. In addition, the Cantor keyboard is filled with case foam.

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The next user is called a “Dreadrockstar” and shows his walkie-talkie, which is also a two-part “Sofle Choc keyboard”, which is said to have an 850mAh battery and MKUltra buttons, among other things. Moreover, the user “Falbatech” offers a monocoque keyboard made of wood. According to Falbatech, the unibody’s name comes from the fact that the entire case is made from a single piece of wood, although the keyboard is divided into two parts and the two areas are connected by a cable. Recently, Reddit user “WhitelabelDnB” showed off the “Af Afternoon Breeze Build,” consisting of a stainless steel casing and carbon fiber panels. The keyboard, like all the others shown, is divided into two areas.

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But exotic keyboards can not only be found on Reddit, but also in the PCGH Extreme community. This comes with several hardware threads, one of which deals exclusively with input devices (“Show me your input devices”) and has over 1,600 posts. You can also find one or the other creative custom keyboard there.

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