‘Red Bull’s RB18 has already lost seven kilos from the Australian Grand Prix’

'Red Bull's RB18 has already lost seven kilos from the Australian Grand Prix'

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Red Bull Racing has taken a huge step in recent weeks to drop the RB18. According to Tom Coronel, the car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the Australian Grand Prix is ​​seven kilograms lighter than Saudi Arabia.

With the new regulations, it is proving difficult for Formula 1 teams to stay near the bottom line in terms of weight. The teams naturally want the lightest car possible because you lose time if you are heavier, but the lighter parts are also more expensive and so the teams have to make choices.

RB18 lost weight

Helmut Marko previously announced that the RB18 is no less than ten kilograms too heavy. The minimum is 798 kg, but, according to reports, only Alfa Romeo is close. However, Tom Coronel has good news for Verstappen fans, because the Viaplay analyst knows it ad To report the fall of the RB18.

“I’ve heard from a very reliable source that they have solved 75 percent of the problem in the last few weeks. About seven kilograms have been removed from the car. I understand they made the floor lighter and they were able to lighten many of the components a little bit”, says the driver.

Is Verstappen now driving the best car?

Coronel believes the downed RB18 could immediately make a difference in Melbourne. In cars driven by Coronel, the difference of 10 kilograms equals a tenth, but he thinks it is double in Formula 1. Where Red Bull has looked a little less than Ferrari so far, that may be different in Melbourne.

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“As far as I can tell, Ferrari was the best car so far. Max fought with a knife, Leclerc with a pistol. Now they both have guns. I knew they had a disability, but that has to be resolved now. That’s great news. Max can now take the fight to the ground” , The Dutchman concludes enthusiastically.

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