Netflix’s funny SNL graphic provides an amazing new category

Netflix's funny SNL graphic provides an amazing new category

Saturday Night Life, the largest long-running comedy show in the United States, targeted Netflix last week. A rap song streaming service called “Short-Ass Movies” was used. Middle finger to all the extra long movies on the platform.

What started as a joke eventually became a reality. Netflix sorts all of its short films and shows them in a special category. Can you guess three times what name it has?

Netflix offers short ass movies

People who love short films can thank Pete Davidson. His story on Saturday Night Live introduced a whole new category to Netflix. The streaming service’s Twitter account relayed the message from SNL and then added, “Good idea!” Bee. One day later, the short film category became a reality.

The page within Netflix provides users with a list of movies, arranged by genre, of course, which in most cases are no longer than 90 minutes. However, this page already existed and was later transcribed and named after the SNL sketch. It already looks short ass movies Perhaps more attractive than Movies shorter than 90 minutes

If you like short movies, you can enjoy movies like via this page The Dictator, Rush Hour 2, London Has Fallen, Taken 2 And the windfall gains

Netflix short ass movies
New class in action (screenshot: because)

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Netflix’s funny SNL graphic provides an amazing new category

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