Red Bull had to make ‘a lot of concessions’ due to poor third sector in Australia

Red Bull moest "veel compromissen" sluiten vanwege slechte derde sector Australië

Sergio Perez has revealed that Red Bull Racing in Australia had to make “a lot of concessions” on the car due to the poor performance in the third sector at the half-street circuit.

Ferrari and its leader Charles Leclerc proved unreachable in Albert Park. Monegask delivered a rhythm unparalleled for Red Bull Racing and led dominantly to his second win of the season. Perez crossed the line after about twenty seconds and Max Verstappen was defeated by nearly three tenths in Saturday’s qualifying. In addition to solving reliability issues, the Austrian configuration also has to find something in the car’s settings.

Too many concessions

In both qualifying and during the race, Verstappen and Perez struggled in the penultimate corner, where tires were regularly banned. Asked if this was a specific problem for Red Bull Racing, Perez said: “I think it’s part of our problem. In the third sector we were really weak and had to make some concessions because of that. It had a huge impact on us during the race. We are very sensitive and who Too easy to miss a target.”

bad start

Perez crossed the line in Australia second, Verstappen received another DNF after the RB18 gave up the stealth again. The current world champion is sixth in the standings after three races with just 25 points. His fellow Mexican now has 30 points and is fourth.

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