Record-breaking in North America: “My daughter’s school is still closed due to the heat wave”

Record-breaking in North America: "My daughter's school is still closed due to the heat wave"

An intense heat wave in western Canada is leading to unseen sights. For example, Vancouver residents can fry eggs simply by placing the frying pan in the sun.

Canada’s national heat record was broken last Sunday when temperatures in British Columbia reached 46.6 degrees. In doing so, the 84-year-old record was broken by nearly 3 degrees. The dangerously hot weather is expected to continue for several more days.

“I’ve lived here for over 20 years and have never tried this before,” sighs Flemish Anne Bajora-Nuackart of Vancouver. “It’s cold here over 48 degrees. It’s not possible in my house, because there is no air conditioning. My daughter is not allowed to go to school, they have closed it.”

Many school districts in British Columbia were closed Monday, as many buildings are not equipped with air conditioning. In Vancouver, the temperature rarely rises above 30 degrees.

The thermostat also records standard electricity consumption. For example, energy-consuming air conditioning units are purchased in large quantities, and their use has already led to many blackouts.

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