recession? Great for “boom” in JinkoSolar, SolarEdge and Meyer Burger

recession?  Great for "boom" in JinkoSolar, SolarEdge and Meyer Burger

Demand throttling in traditional industries also has advantages – for green energies such as solar energy. JinkoSolar, Enphase and SMA Solar are showing signs of significant relaxation.

Every medal has two sides. The LSF Solar and Sustainable Energy Fund writes: “The energy transition is now gaining faster momentum as the economy slows. The energy crisis in particular has significantly increased the cost advantage of renewables.”

Renewable energies benefit from

Moreover: “The global recession will have a surprisingly beneficial effect on the renewable energies boom.” Because the prices of primary products and components will return due to the economic downturn. Metals in particular have become cheaper since the spring: copper (-25%), aluminum (-30%), steel (-50%), nickel (-53%) and cobalt (-20%).

Energy Enphase
(WKN: A1JC82)

Chip chokes the neck of the bottle

Supply chain problems will also be resolved – as shown in AKTIONÄR’s rapid inventory report on Friday – container shipping costs, which had previously risen exorbitantly, will begin to fall. Even chips and electronic components, which are used in inverters for solar energy systems and electric cars, are no longer in short supply. Strong for Depot 2030 JinkoSolar Title: Massive Expansion of Production Capacity in China Underway.

You can watch more about JinkoSolar, Meyer Burger and SMA Solar in the new AKTIONÄR TV:

Note: The 2030 green inventory includes SMA Solar, SolarEdge (+570% since first purchase in 2019), Enphase and JinkoSolar. The increase since the beginning is more than 200 percent. There are two other transactions in the new version. Simply activate it here and take the journey with you to 2030 from now on.

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