Reasons to Move to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a metropolis with convenience as a priority. You’ll find it easy to get transport to finding reasonably priced houses and dining options, the district offers a more relaxing and charming vibe than most US states. However, these are not the most compelling reasons to move to Philadelphia.

In this article, we highlight 10 fun facts that make moving to Philly worth it.

10 Reasons to Move to Philadelphia

1. Art, music, culture

In Philadelphia, you’ll never get tired of finding new art, music genre or a piece of delightful culture. In fact, Philly’s cultural institutions and the museum holds some of the best and most sought-after pieces across the globe. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Barnes Foundation, you’ll find stunning antiques, print arts and even architectural arts.

Talking about Philly’s music and Philadelphia Orchestra will leave you overwhelmed. Live music also thrives in the city.

2. Housing affordability

If you’re well-versed in the real estate market, you know that housing prices have increased significantly over the last few years. However, Philly’s real estate market remains one of the most attractive in the United States. From homebuyers to renters, you’ll always find housing affordability that meets your budget no matter the housing style you prefer. And even with the increasing number of residents in the metro city, housing cost has never been a challenge. If you’re hoping to buy a house in Philadelphia, you’ll be happy to know that median sales house costs nothing more than $300,000.

3. Parks, mountains and beaches

No man is an island; hence, you’ll always look for recreational sites to relax. The district boasts of some of the finest recreational destinations like the mountains, beaches and parks that would make for a fun yet relaxing spot.

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If you’re itching to see the scenic beaches and seashore, large sea bodies exist that would keep your mind relaxed. Even the topographies are spread out across the various corners of the city; from the Pocono Mountains to the sprawling farmlands in Lancaster County, Philly offers you the best of natural landscapes than most states.

4. Education

When it comes to finding world-renowned advanced learning institutions, Philadelphia does not hold back. You’ll find dozens of universities from the University of Pennsylvania to South-Eastern Pennsylvania, Temple University, and many more; the metro area offers advanced institutions where the brightest intellectuals will nurture their mind.

5. Economy

The district boasts of a Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) of around $388 billion, ranking 9th across the globe and 4th in the United States. This shows that the economy has continued to appreciate over the past few years.

In fact, most of Philly’s business enterprises still dominate the industry. However, today internet commerce has had a significant impact on the nation’s economy, from printing to food processing, transportation, ICT, and even publishing, keeping the economy on top of its game.

6. Sport

Sports enthusiasts will find the district welcoming. Why? Philly has a line-up in all the leagues, from the Phillies to Philadelphia’s Eagles, Flyers and 76ers. The best part is they play locally across stadiums like the sports complex in the Southern part of the city, which means when the team has a game, you can watch them play live all year round. So, book a date to watch your team play live while enjoying fun social sports time with other sports fans.

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7. Food

A meal in Philly will always taste like heaven in your mouth. Whether you love cheesesteaks, bagels, Mediterranean foods or celebrity signature dishes, the district has all and more to offer. Philly boasts of its amazing cheesesteaks and award-winning bagels that will make the stomach scream for more.

8. Weather

In Philly, you’ll experience all four climates.

Summers are super-friendly, humid, warm and wet in the district. On the other hand, the winters are extremely cold with many snowfalls. Temperature levels aren’t always extreme. The temperature levels rarely fall below 13°F or above 94°F. It’ll always vary between 26°F to 87°F. Regardless, Philly’s best climate always falls between early June and early July to early August and late September because these seasons allow you to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

9. History

Philly has so much rich history for history enthusiasts as the city’s history goes way back to 340years. It’s no wonder in 2015; the district was named the first heritage site in the United States.

You could check out notable sites like the

  • Independence Hall, which holds history on the signing of Independence,
  • The liberty bell,
  • Museum of the American revolution
  • Elfreth’s Alley, America’s oldest residential street

Other historical events that took place in this district include:

  • George Washington crossing the Delaware River
  • Betsy Ross’s flag construction
  • John Coltrane’s ascent to the pantheon of jazz
  • Ben Franklin’s kite experiment

10. Job opportunities

Job seekers won’t have anything to worry about in this metropolitan state. Why? In 2019, fifteen companies, including Aramark, Toll brothers and UGI with headquarters in Philly, made the famous Fortune 500 list. In fact, these companies made the first fifty counts among other notable companies in the US. So, if you’re hoping to get a job when you move to Philly, rest assured you’ll find one in your preferred sector to meet your average income target.

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Philadelphia is where fun and opportunities exist. Whether you’re banking on finding reasonably priced houses, good dining options, great institutions of higher learning or even sports, you’ll find them all in the city.

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