Australia cancels testing obligation for incoming travelers

Australia cancels testing obligation for incoming travelers

Rescission of the test obligation does not mean that there are no longer any travel restrictions: anyone who wants to travel to Australia must have been fully vaccinated. In addition, travelers must complete a health form and wear a face mask on board the flight to Australia.

cheap to australia
Thanks to Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, it is now relatively cheap to fly from Europe to Australia. This low-cost airline does not fly to Schiphol, but flies to Berlin and Athens. From there, return tickets to Sydney sell for around 700 euros.

So the Dutch will first have to take a train, an economy trip or car to the German capital, or an economy trip to Athens, but for those who have a lot of time, this can be very useful. Think, for example, of backpackers or other young tourists.

Scoot will also fly to London Gatwick this summer, but tickets are a bit more expensive there, in part because of the higher British air passenger tax.

Photo: Boeing

example scott berlin

An example of a cheap ticket to Australia (bookable via Google Flights).

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