RCB’s IPL 2020 Eliminator: AB de Villiers shouts ‘pull it out’ behind logs as David Warner faces a free kick

RCB's IPL 2020 Eliminator: AB de Villiers shouts 'pull it out' behind logs as David Warner faces a free kick

IPL 2020 Eliminator: Royal Challengers Bangalore gloveman AB de Villiers yells ‘get him out’ from behind logs as Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner is on strike to face a free kick.

RCB vs SRH: AB de Villiers invites David Warner to ‘Run him out’ with a free kick. (Courtesy of BCCI)


  • AB de Villiers calls it a “run it out” to David Warner in a Washington Sundar free kick
  • RCB and SRH play the Eliminator of IPL 2020 in Abu Dhabi
  • Moein Ali ran out with a free kick from Rashid Khan in the first rounds

If one thinks Virat Kohli is the only forcefully passionate player that Royal Challengers Bangalore possesses, then they might be wrong. Kohli’s right hand at RCB AB de Villiers, on Friday, showed a very different side to his usual quiet side during the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Firstly, AB de Villiers 956 off 43) looked so upset that Natarajan fired him in the first roles. Keeping RCB, de Villiers once again showed his passionate side when he shouted “Drive him” from behind logs to David Warner, who was on strike to play free delivery from Washington Sundar.

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On the second ball of the fifth round, Sundar conceded the ball and so the next delivery was a free kick. Sundar opted to shoot a long ball with Warner, smashing it hard into the middle of Viket where Devdot Paddikal was playing. AB de Villiers shouted “fire him” even before the player could collect them. However, Warner and Pandey managed to turn that first round.

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Muin Ali was fired with a free kick

AB de Villiers’ comment did not come from anywhere as Moein Ali, founder of the multi-level RCB, was a free kick. AB de Villiers got a round from Shahbaz Nadim in the fourth delivery of the tenth ball and it was a ball without a ball. Thus, Moein Ali, the new hitter, played his first free kick. Ali tried to squeeze the run by driving one of them towards the hideout but Rashid Khan was aiming a direct hit to take out Muin Ali, and SRH celebrated with a small blow!

What AB de Villiers sought was an act of revenge for what happened to Moein Ali. Commentators were thrilled upon hearing ABD’s tweet from the trunk microphone.

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