Rapid Circle buys an Australian adoption and incubation program

Rapid Circle buys an Australian adoption and incubation program

Rapid Circle acquires an Australian-based adoption and incubation company. With the acquisition of this Microsoft partner in adoption and change management, the Dutch Microsoft cloud specialist has strengthened its position and expertise in the sustainable adoption of Microsoft 365. Moreover, services around the human and strategic aspect of the modern workplace are expanded.

The acquisition of an adopt and incubator company is the third acquisition of Rapid Circle this year, after Portiva and Insync Technology. It represents another step in achieving the organization’s ambitious growth plans, said Harold Bunter, CEO of Rapid Circle. Both organizations will gain greater influence to serve customers around the world and jointly increase adoption of Microsoft solutions. With the addition of adoption and incubation, Rapid Circle now employs over 350 people and has offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, New York, Pune, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Focus on the human side

According to Punter, Adopt and Embrace differentiates itself as a Microsoft Workplace partner by not applying technology, but by focusing on the human side of technology, adopting it and driving the change that comes with it. It is the first organization worldwide to receive the Advanced Specialization in Adoption and Change Management from Microsoft, a certification that Rapid Circle also has internally. This guarantees clients the best professionals in the field.

“Digital change is about much more than just technology and tools,” Bunter said. “To maximize the result with cloud solutions, you are also working on the mindset and skills of the users. By integrating this with the right tools, the chance of successful adoption increases exponentially. We see that customers value our comprehensive approach and expertise in the field. By acquiring and embracing, we can Joining forces and leveraging the best practices we have learned both to help clients make a greater impact through digital initiatives.”

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Ambition: a global specialist at Microsoft

Rapid Circle, winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award worldwide in 2020, sees the acquisition not only as an enhancement of knowledge and expertise in the cloud workplace space as a next step toward the strategic goal of becoming a global leader within five to seven years as a Microsoft specialist Globalism.

To achieve that goal, the company received investment from private equity firm Mentha Capital last year, Bunter recalls. “We have the ambition to create an organization with a turnover of over €100 million and 1,000 employees who get all the space and support to grow in their careers. By acquiring an adopt-and-incubate company, and earlier this year on Portiva and Insync Technology, we are working to make it happen.” Very tangible.”

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