Radiator manufacturers are rubbing their hands

Radiator manufacturers are rubbing their hands

From Thelo Bayer
According to a report from Taiwan, cooler manufacturers in Asia can’t wait for new high-quality cards to appear with the Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 in the second half of the year. The reason for this is clear.

Anticipated next-generation GPUs from Nvidia and AMD are also working on sales fantasies at nearby radio stations. According to a report by Digitimes (Paywall), at least two manufacturers of refrigerated devices are excited.

Refrigerant manufacturers can hardly wait

As Tomshardware explains, citing Digitimes, Taiwanese suppliers of cooling components have been pleased with sales in the second half of 2022. The prospect of new high-end graphics cards with corresponding GPU complexity, large number of GPUs, high power consumption and high cooling requirements should Lead to sales fantasies among suppliers of refrigeration components. Since, at least at Nvidia, the Geforce RTX 4090 is expected to open the stage as the fastest Ada Lovelace graphics card at the moment, high-quality coolers are also being used. At AMD, the Navi 31-based flagship (reported specs: 12288 SP, 48 WGPs, 12 SAs, 6 SEs) should compete against the RTX 4090. Despite a more refined production chassis, high power consumption with high heat dissipation can be expected.

The Digitimes report mentions coolant manufacturers Auras Technology and Sun Max. For example, Auras Technology is said to be working on state-of-the-art steam room technologies that are currently being developed for laptop computers. The fan-specialist Sun Max is a little known, sales hit record numbers last year and are expected to increase even more in the second half of the year with the next generation of GPUs. Sun Max is particularly proud of its investment in fan research and development and the large number of patents pending.

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Recently, there was an alleged leak of the Founders Edition version of the Geforce RTX 4090. Specifically, the alleged first images of the new coolant for the Geforce RTX 4090 were seen on the Chinese forum Chiphell. The new cooling solution appears to stay true to the existing Nvidia line and offers more cooling fins compared to the RTX 3090 Ti. The cooler’s V-shaped chassis is stunning in design, which has a PCB that is identical as the RTX 30×0 (Ti) models require. If the images are real, it also means sticking with Nvidia’s dual axial fan concept and confirming that Nvidia used the RTX 3090 Ti with 450W TGP as a potential test for increased power consumption with this cooling design.

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