Police take action against ships in the river; The Brazilians are back!


FILE PHOTO: A police boat in Suriname

During the examination of a Brazilian schooner of the brand Sonic, it was found that six crew members had entered Suriname without a valid passport. This was reported by the Suriname Police Force (KPS).

It is a joint patrol of the Paramaribo Maritime Administrations and the Midden Regional Assistance Team (RBTM) on the Suriname River last Tuesday. Various ships including SK ships and sailboats were examined.

The captain of the aforementioned ship was ordered to leave the country with the crew immediately. Brazilian sailing ships not moored near the Wijdenbosch Bridge were directed in accordance with the regulations of the Maritime Authority of Suriname (MAS) to the designated anchorage near the mouth of the Suriname River.

Passenger ships at Waterkant and Meerzorg were also checked for compliance with safety regulations. These checks are a result of the zero-tolerance security policy recently announced by the Suriname Police.

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