Qatari FM discusses ongoing evacuation in Afghanistan

Qatari FM discusses ongoing evacuation in Afghanistan

Fox reports I spoke with the Qatari foreign minister to discuss ongoing evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman bin Jassim Al Thani discussed Qatar’s role in the current struggle to evacuate people from the Taliban-controlled country. The Qatari minister opened by announcing optimistic figures for the evacuation of foreigners from the country.

Indeed, Qatar is involved in evacuating foreigners and Afghan nationals from Kabul and transporting them safely to their host countries. The numbers today are about 7,000, but that number is already increasing.” Al-Thani told Fox News host John Scott.

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Scott asked what Qatar was doing to help people get to Kabul airport to leave the country. Al-Thani responded that Qatar was now acting as a “neutral mediator” between the Taliban and other countries to facilitate the process.

Qatar was asked to mediate in the conflict between the Taliban, the United States and Afghanistan. And in the process, we remain that neutral broker and keep in touch with all the parties that have already helped us support the various foreign residents. There in Afghanistan. At the moment we are trying to facilitate the movement of people from their places to the airport and transportation.”

He added that Qatar now bears “full responsibility” for the safety of people trying to leave the country.

We take full responsibility for them, take them to the airport and ensure their safety at all times. We’re trying to make it easier to reach other countries that don’t have access to the people on the ground there.”

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Scott thanked the Secretary of State for helping his country safely get Fox News correspondent Trey Youngst out of Afghanistan.

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