Putin and Kirill on an Orthodox crusade against Ukraine – Yup

Putin and Kirill on an Orthodox crusade against Ukraine - Yup


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The invasion of Ukraine was primarily aimed at interfering in the struggle of the Church.

Before the last Green color He had another beautiful Joep Bertrams: “The Spiritual Leader”. At that time, Putin’s head was wearing the paraphernalia of the Moscow metropolis. The bull’s-eye, because it is a portrait of Putin and Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow.

All kinds of amateur psychologists speculate about the possible madness of the Russian president and others point to the conservation thinkers who are said to have inspired him. In particular for the anti-Semitic and religious aristocrat Ivan Ilyin, who became German because of his enthusiasm for Hitler, but withdrew when he declared that the “Slavic race” was inferior to the Germanic race. The man died in exile in Switzerland, but Putin reburied him in Russia in 2005 and laid flowers on his grave four years later with Orthodox monk Tikhon Shevkunov. Ilyin was also a royal, and his godfather was called Tsar Alexander III of Russia. So, for Putin, isn’t it just about the church?

He is popular not only with the alt-right in Europe and conservative Christians in the United States because they see him as a “strong man”, but also because they fear losing the “cultural struggle” as Christians. like Eric beep In France, our national gang is Gideons in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the patriarch, Ukraine wants to belong to a club of countries that requires you to gay pride carry. Thus they are forced to “sin”, and to “deny God and His truth.” Kirill, like Putin, who hails from Saint Petersburg, was also a KGB agent and was arrested ten years ago on his site with a $30,000 oligarch’s watch on his wrist. Quote from a sermon: “Where did the Russian land come from,” the land that now includes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other tribes and peoples. The unity between these three is spiritual and God’s will. Satan is working on this retreat unit.’

Kirill’s flock is at the heart of Putin’s audience and the ruling United Russia party.

The stifling relationship between the Orthodox Church, the Conservatism and the secular state on paper was already discussed in Russia itself ten years ago by the Pussy Riot troupe. They protested against the re-election of Russian President Putin. They consciously chose the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow as the site. A comic imitation of the Hagia Sophia, which was supposed to celebrate the victory over Napoleon, but was not consecrated until 1883 on the occasion of the coronation of the Tsar. The Communists demolished the savagery in 1931 to replace it with the other beast, the Palace of Soviets. Skyscraper at the top of the Empire State Building – 415 meters – surmounted by a colossal statue of Lenin. Fortunately, the land was very swampy and the building pit was practically changed into the Moskva pool.

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After the fall of the Soviet Union, according to the new symbolic policy of Yeltsin and Oligarchy, ecclesiastical brutality, of course, had to be rebuilt. Putin’s predecessor granted permission as early as 1990. Ten years later, the monster was opened. Five years later, Ivan Ilyin was reburied there.

The invasion of Ukraine was primarily aimed at interfering in the struggle of the Church. Putin and his followers believe that the Russian Orthodox believers in Ukraine should be saved, since part of the Church in Ukraine broke away from them a few years ago. See the Divine Trinity Kirill above.

These days, people often talk about the “flabby and naive attitude” that EU countries have adopted toward the Kremlin in recent years.

I find the naive attitude towards religious organizations more attractive. Freedom of religion, right? However, the overwhelming influence of the churches on government policy in the former Eastern Bloc countries is rarely seen as a negative factor. Underdeveloped views of abortion, homosexuality, the role of women, minorities, and foreigners are attributed to politicians. Not their church.

But the responsibility for the aggression against Ukraine lies with the president and the patriarch.

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