Pura review Ammonite dual network switch made in Holland

Pura review Ammonite dual network switch made in Holland

The trend is unstoppable: Network adapters have become a hot element in audio after the rise of broadcasting. Acceptance is also starting to grow and there is a realization that data is not made up of 1 and 0, but of an analog signal that must be transmitted. Unfortunately, varying tension is often necessary common mode noise It contains annoying noise at high frequencies that negatively affects the basic equipment. Wi-Fi and electrical insulation help prevent transmission of HF noise, and prevent unwanted ground connections, but cause problems in other areas. For now, perhaps the best solution is to use a dedicated audio network switch right before the player, on the way to the best musical score.

Pura Ammonite

The example does not honor a prophet in his own country. Let’s walk away from that and examine the result of the efforts of Miquel Blauw (Dion Audio) and Koen Gelderman (Purecable), who started Pura Power Supply in 2021 as a collaboration. Arising from the development of energy sources for private use. The spin-off is the manufacturing of an in-house developed dual network switch called The Ammonite.

In and with network adapters, a few things have been proven so far: the utility of a very good power supply, putting the switches in series and removing all other equipment except the broadcast device on the switch. Opinions in professional circles are deeply divided about the usefulness of a very good watch in the switch, the fuse used and the power cord. So Pura has prepared a basic template that can be modified at a few points at the discretion of the customer.


Those who, like the undersigned, can’t resist the urge to look inside the sleek, meticulously fitted Ammonite housing, will be first to be stunned by the large toroidal adapter that Pura uses. One medical grade – The type with its own fixed shield, connected to the main inlet and fuse holder from Furutech. Used to power dual internal Dodo power supplies. Each power source serves a different task: one power supply is used for the two integrated switches, the second power supply is optimized for the digital clock and the softly bright green LED is on the front of the Ammonite. The adapter you got on the OCXO module has a separate PCB. The model with the TCXO oscillator is more economical, in both versions the clock controls 5-port switches, so that synchronization is ensured.

The two switches only share the chassis, the power source and the clock, and they are independent of each other. They are 100Mbps models, fast enough to transfer data to a streaming device, in fact, the realization that a connection over 100Mbps is best over 1Gbps is slowly starting to emerge. The upper switch is for LAN and/or NAS connection and/or other devices, and the lower switch is for the network operator. A short cable with switches connects through the Ethernet ports. So, you have four free ports above and only one below. Therefore, Ammonite is clearly intended to be the carrier’s last switch and not to be placed somewhere in the network where it will run other traffic. By applying two switches internally, ultra-low noise from the power supply is greatly reduced.

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Zooming in on the Dodo we find a very accurate power supply with very low subjective noise. Ideal for switches and when purchased separately Ideal for routers, network players, and D/A switches, each of which can suffer from common mode noise transmitted over Ethernet connections. Digital oscillators in the form of OCXO and TCXO particularly benefit from less interference and as you know, each digital device relies on its own digital clock. The Dodo power supply will not behave differently if it is more or less loaded. The voltage will not drop or carry more noise. It is about the speed of the power supply, which is built using Nichicon and Panasonic Audio Grade Low ESR capacitors, high-frequency PPS split capacitors and Schottky rectifier diodes.

Unlike the ideally large amount of buffering in capacitors, Pura chooses a small, integer value to make the power supply fast. On the Pura website there is a good comparison between the very large amount of spools and the right amount.

Ammonite comes standard with a ceramic fuse, and for an additional cost you can choose a Hifi Tuning Supreme 3 fuse or a synergistic search buff. With Pura The Ammonite, there’s no power cord nor Ethernet cable to go to your carrier, your choice is free. On top of that, Purecable has enough models available and every audiophile has his or her preferences. Ammonite consumes approximately 10 watts, measures 295 x 140 x 50 mm and weighs 3.3 kg. The housing color is black. Ammonite prices start at about $1,300 for a TCXO watch and ceramic fuse. It rises to approximately 1,950 euros for an OCXO watch and a Synergy fuse. The copy sent to us is worth about 1,800 euros with a ceramic fuse and an OCXO.


Suffice it to say: Ammonite is a well-thought-out switch with great performance, perhaps not enough. It is the crux of the result of the various hearings spread over several days. Switching between different switches is done by switching the LAN cable and Ethernet cable to the network operator. This change takes a while, so to ensure the accuracy of my findings, I only change every couple of days and not always for every track. So the result is based on playing a lot of music. Among them are Angelina Wesmais for her poem by French singer Barbara, and the collaboration between Pat Metheny and Anna Maria Jobbic on “Upojnie” and Diana Reeves with “That day”. Classic work by composers such as Händel, Bach, Vivaldi, Scandinavian jazz and all with some pop.

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In almost all respects, Ammonite is the mid-range mover between the Melco described below and the Silent Angel. For example, the acoustic impression that Ammonite leaves behind is much clearer than Bonn can bring and darker in nature than Melco gives. The same goes for the stereo image, although The Ammonite manages to add a lot of depth, at the cost of some width. Image height is fine. Even the detail applied to the display is a little below Melco’s level (with an improved power supply).

Once you listen to The Ammonite, you will notice that there is a lull in the breeding. Listening to music is comfortable and not difficult. Never “digital,” never getting tired, even after hours of listening (what a boring profession, right?). The music remains playful and beautifully balanced in terms of sound balance. Reproduction brings calm and emphasizes the music itself, so that you should be drawn to the lesson each time. Because it is not just about enjoying yourself, but also listening to what happens when you breed.

The focus is on soloists, and the instrument and voice mode do not move in stereo unless they are recorded in the recording. Low notes are strong, while notes on double bass are easily discernible in pitch. The piano playing is clear and powerful, and the crisp tones come out completely. Women’s soft voices can be sultry and convincing. Guys come out of the speakers with deep chest bass. Played music is played just as easily as a singer/songwriter with just a guitar or piano. In short, the Ammonite does what is required and does it excellently.

Total image

Listen to a set that begins with a Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch with Forester F1 power supply, interspersed with a Melco S100-BB switch with acoustics power supply. Behind it is an Auralic Aries G1 transmitter and a Level 3 Metrum Acoustics Adagio transducer. The woofer is an EAR-Yoshino 8L6 with Falcon LS3 / 5a Gold Badge woofers. The tweeters are on Design Stands with IsoAcoustic dampers. AudioQuest Niagara 3000 net filter and Furutech NCF Clear Line.

The power cords are all AudioQuest, AES/EBU is the digital link Ricable, and the analog link cables and amplifiers are In-acoustic AIR. The Linksys switch was briefly and neatly used with an iFi power supply, but this just isn’t suitable for serious listening anymore. Oh yeah, the Ethernet cables are all AudioQuest Vodka, except for the loop cable from Pura itself. The music played is from our own collection, via Roon software running on NUC, from Melco storage.

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proven benefit

Network switches, debate remains as to whether and what their usefulness is. Not for me, years and years ago, I actually noticed audible differences, but then there were no Ethernet adapters really designed for audio. After all, the broadcast was still in its infancy and only took off later. Fortunately, the differences have been recognized and as a result there is now a decent choice, from a regular switch with a better power supply to off-the-shelf products like Pura The Ammonite. Built from the power supply and cable philosophy, as well as the exclusive Purecable and Dion Audio products. Key will surely take his place among the growing competition if buyers trust the Dutch merchandise. And why not, there is more beauty coming out of our country than many people think.

The ammonite forms a nice bridge between the cheaper and more expensive part. It works accordingly and can be supplied in various forms. Clock oscillator and valves are your choice, and the cables come in your favorite or from Purecable. Internally, the switch is constructed with beautiful components, with attention to where the focus is: in combating common position noises and grounding problems. This is ensured by a statically shielded transformer, dual power supply and pure clock generator as well as separate switches for network and actuator.

It’s the end product of what many have referred to as the requirements on forums and Facebook. How easy it is to go to Pura and buy a finished product. With a guarantee from the Netherlands at a reliable address. Count on a serious screen improvement if you’re still using a cheap computer switch and count on an improvement if you’ve already taken a step (small or medium).

Behind the pleasant network operator there should be a switch that does not carry its own noise, emphasizes the good qualities of the network operator in the system and ensures peace of mind. So that the music flows and remains captivating. The ammonite is there for that.

Pura Ammonite
1299.54 € to 1957.78 €

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