PUBG Mobile .. How to download the new PUBG Mobile 1.3 update

PUBG Mobile .. How to download the new PUBG Mobile 1.3 update

The latest PUBG Mobile update, which came under the name PUBG MOBILE 1.3, which is the update for the famous game for the month of March 2021, this version of the PUBG game comes a few days after the release of another trial version called PUBG New State, which topped search engines around the world as soon as it was released in a picture. Demo on the Android app store Google Play, and with each update or new release, the PUBG Mobile game proves to be one of the most famous and successful games in the world.

The latest update to the game PUBG Mobile

Tecent, the game owner, announced that it has released an update, or in other words, according to the company’s media statement, a correction for the month of March 2021, as the PUBG update is now available to all users through the two most popular smart phone operating systems, Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android system, and this version includes updates At the level of maps and combat weapons.

According to a news report on the androidpolice site, the company released this update on the 9th of this month, and it came under the name Hundred Rhythms, or Hundred Bottoms, and the events of this version come within the eighteenth season of the PUBG Royale Pass Season 18.

How to download the new PUBG update

The update is now available on the Google Play Store, all you have to do is enter the app store on your smartphone, and from the top you will find a place to search, type the word PUBG MOBILE in the hundred rhythms, the game will appear to you as the first result you enter it, then download the new update And enjoy all the capabilities and developments announced previously, and the new version requires phones operating with the Android system at least version 5.1.1 with a RAM of at least 2 GB, and in the absence of those capabilities, you can try the version of PUBG MOBILE LITE.

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Recent PUBG update

As for iPhone phones or other devices operating with Apple’s IOS system, you can access the App Store, and then you will search for PUBG MOBILE and you will find the latest version available, download and install it on your smartphone, and the game PUBG is now ranked third in the classification Strategy games on the App Store.

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