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PSV - PEC Zwolle - Weblog Zwolle

Zwolle – Round 9 is scheduled for Saturday evening. After the international football match in the past few days, PEC will face Zwolle Eindhoven in Eindhoven. The Eindhoven residents are currently in second place and are one point closer to Ajax.

PEC Zwolle lost the final round before the international game with a clumsy own goal, 0-1 by sc Heerenveen. PSV Eindhoven defeated Sparta Rotterdam 2-1 at home and saw Ajax lose 1-0 to FC Utrecht.

As usual, Eindhoven saw essential foreigners traveling for international obligations. Where Cody Gakbo went out with Team Orange, Ibrahim Sangari was accurate in Ivory Coast’s win against Malawi. Eran Zahavi also scored on behalf of Israel against Scotland, despite the Scots winning in injury time. A few days later, Zahavi scored again against Moldova (2-1). This other striker, Yorbe Vertessen, scored with Belgium Under-21. Everyone who returned to PSV Eindhoven injured early on was Japanese midfielder Ritsu Duan. The duel with PEC Zwolle comes too early for him.

Where Doan didn’t play against Australia last Tuesday, Yuta Nakayama did. The defender came in a 1-1 draw against Australia. After that, the Japanese won the World Cup qualifiers: 2-1.

Nakiama was immediately named as the first international player for PEC Zwolle. Slobodan Tedec with Young Serbia, Daychon Redan with Juniors, Samir Lagser and Gabi Caselli with Orange O19 coach Bert Kontermann. Jervan Castaner and Ancelo Leto have been called up by Curacao’s national coach. Even the latter appeared for the first time. Meanwhile, Miss de Witt and Billy Kleiman continued to work on their recovery. The duo were injured early in the season against Ajax and Willem for the second time in a row. De Wit made his group training debut Thursday morning.

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PEC Zwolle’s last victory in Eindhoven dates back to 2013. Art Langeler was also the coach at the time. Fred Benson was the famous man in the Zwolle team with two goals. Wiljan Pluim scored his first league goal on behalf of the Blauwvingers that evening in January in a match that ultimately won 3-1.

Joey Koig has been appointed by the KNVB to lead the match next Saturday. The start signal goes off at 9 pm. Koeig is assisted by assistant referees Eric Klingan and Eric Koopman. Responsible Martin Voss. Bas Nigues is the VAR and his assistant is Nils van Campen.

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