PS5 Development Kits Online Auction Ban

PS5 Development Kits Online Auction Ban

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In general, some of the secrets of video game and console development are revealed years later, and a lot of this information comes from materials and hardware pieces that somehow end up in the hands of professionals and assemblers. However, something strange happened this time around which is that the PlayStation 5 has not reached its first year, but two of its development kits have already been sold online.

How did these PS5 kits come to eBay?

According to a tech fan’s post on Twitter @Zuby_Tech, a couple of PS5 developer kits have appeared on eBay and the auction is for those interested in owning these pieces of hardware. As you may remember, the PS5 developer kits were leaked prior to the console’s release and featured a V design; At the time, it was thought that the commercial product could look like Roman 5, but in the end it wasn’t.

Two PS5 development kits were up for auction for a few hours, as eBay proceeded to pull the post without further ado and the attempt to sell was aborted. According to previous auction withdrawal information, bids have already reached $3,373.

The platform blocked the auction and believed that it was to avoid problems with Sony

Although it was not revealed why eBay did this, especially since on previous occasions and with other console development groups, from previous generations, there was no problem. However, it is believed that the speed with which these development kits arrived on the platform and that they were part of the process of creating a console that was only a year old and on the rise, was enough to pull the post.

PS5 Dev Kit – Photo shared by @Zuby_Tech

On the other hand, it also considers the security of the console’s software and the possibility that data analysis and specialists will reveal important, but limited to the public, information about the hardware we know today as the PS5.

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