Protesters in the United States rally against the abolition of the right to abortion | Currently

Protesters in the United States rally against the abolition of the right to abortion |  Currently

There have been demonstrations in several places in the United States against the abolition of the federal right to abortion by the country’s highest judges.

Hundreds of protesters stormed the Arizona State Capitol on Friday night in Phoenix, local media reported, causing havoc.

Senators gathered in the building, and fled briefly to a basement, but were able to return to their seats when police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.

In a Washington suburb, about 20 protesters raided the home of one of the nine senior justices, Clarence Thomas, one of the five justices in favor of repealing the national right to abortion.

In New York, according to local media, probably 17,000 people demonstrated in Manhattan against the Supreme Court ruling. Riots erupted there and 25 demonstrators were arrested.

Countries must now decide for themselves whether to allow abortion

Protests began in several cities shortly after the court announced its ruling on Friday outside the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. However, the contents of the ruling were known for some time through the diversion.

In many places, opponents of abortion celebrated the abolition of what had been a national constitutional right for 50 years. Now it is up to the states to decide for themselves whether or not to allow abortion (subject to conditions).

The repeal of federal law for a number of states poses strong opposition to abortion with the problem that it is now unclear what is and is not allowed.

In Arizona, for example, there is an 1864 law banning abortion, but there is also more recent legislation that places limitations on the national constitution. It will be quite baffling for politicians and lawyers in the more than four months before the parliamentary elections.

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